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Earth Preservation Funds, Inc.

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Preservation of Endangered Species and Sensitive Habitats Fund

Donations in this area fund efforts to acquire and maintain land preservations that otherwise might be subject to development, abuse, or other irreparable damage. This in itself helps many species exist and thrive. Much of these precious land areas, some still undisturbed by man, are targets of large profit seeking interests. This even includes our National Forests which have been subject to increased logging at the expense of taxpayers. Only through continued financial support can these scarce natural habitats be preserved for the enjoyment of animals, plants and future generations.

This fund also sponsors specific projects that benefit endangered plant and animal life as well as humans ourselves. The world's natural biotic diversity is crucial for the proper functioning of the ecological system upon which all life depends. Pollution not only has immediate detrimental effects in the habitats where it exists but many contaminants work their way up the food chain and cause harm to higher life forms. A prime example of this is the threat that accumulated toxins found in fish, and elsewhere, pose to humans and other species. Such toxins have been linked to lowered reproductive abilities, birth defects, increased incidence of cancer as well as neurological disorders. *

There have been many successes in restoring endangered species and habitats through directed human intervention. It is unfortunate, however, that much still needs to be done. Many of these truly worthy efforts are underfunded, devalued by profiteers, and often threatened of their own extinction. Increased awareness, preventative measures, and continued support in this area are vital to the preservation of Earth's delicate life-giving system.

* If you are concerned about eating fish caught in your area, please contact your local health department or EPF.