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Earth Preservation Funds, Inc.

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Welcome to EPF's web site ! We hope you enjoy it. Please let us know what you think !

Protecting the Earth's live giving system is never easy, but people like you can make a huge difference.

Earth Preservation Funds allow contributors to play a decisive role in combating environmental problems by giving them the opportunity to contribute from among five specific environmental funds. This unique approach encourages public input on fund distribution while promoting awareness of differing environmental concerns and solutions. It also inspires innovative thinking which often leads to productive suggestions and valuable programs.

The links above describe our funds and their objectives. We hope their goal oriented strategy encourages you to be part of the solution in any way you can.

If you fly DELTA please add SkyBonus® # US34974200 on your reservation to support Earth Preservation Funds at NO COST to you.  Thanks !

A bicycle; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Consider biking to work or wherever your journey may be. It prevents pollution, saves money and improves your health. Remember to don proper protective gear. And enjoy your surroundings from a distinct perspective !!

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You should be on a morning TV news show.
M. Young
Atlanta, GA
I am very happy to support EPF with a yearly contribution. Your organization is very informative!

E. Waters,
Port Washington, Wisconsin

I plan to start riding my bike to work beginning tomorrow!

R. Hunter,
Seminole, Florida

Please join us in supporting our troops!! UNITED WE STAND !!!

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