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Earth Preservation Funds, Inc.

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Environmental Research Fund

(prospers future technological advancements)

Funding directed in this area provides equipment, laboratories, and other resources that help promote future technological advancements and environmental breakthroughs.

Ecological gains in this area have already been realized through increased industrial efficiency, pollution control devices, and alternative processes. Solar and wind energy together with less polluting fuels have great domestic advantages over our continued reliance on foreign oil. Mass transit, more efficient vehicles, and increased environmental know-how can help ease the strain on our burdened planet while stimulating our economy. Our past complacency in this important area has put the United States way behind our foreign competitors. Contributions in this area, as with our recycling fund, will help ensure that environmental innovations are duly encouraged and implemented here in America.

Through continued inspiration and funding we can help each other rid our world of poisonous and needless wastes in a collaborative effort. The uniting of industry and environmentalism is a major focus of Earth reservation Funds. There are enormous benefits to be gained from the sharing of ideas, technology and experience. By setting aside the mentalities of "us against them" and "profits versus environmentalism" we can encourage a positive attitude that prospers the best for all of us.