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Earth Preservation Funds, Inc.

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Recycling, Waste Reduction, and Pollution Prevention Fund

(implements current technology)

Contributions in this area help initiate and support actions, using existing technology, that reduce the impact our standard of living has on the environment.

There are many benefits to be realized through the proper and efficient use of our resources and technology. Unfortunately many corporations, as well as governing entities, continue to be blinded as to the cost savings and environmental benefits that can come from already existing technology and conservation programs. Many of our tax dollars, along with precious resources, are going into newly created and costly "sanitary" landfills. While there have been many technological advances in landfill design to prevent groundwater contamination these noble efforts have yet to be proven environmentally or justified economically.

Recycling and waste reduction programs, when properly undertaken, can have many immediate rewards. Recyclable materials can often be obtained and remanufactured at a lower cost than virgin resources with less energy consumption and associated pollution. Many manufacturers are reluctant to initiate these efforts due to their reliance on old technology and equipment and fear of an unreliable supply. These problems can be overcome by implementing recycling projects that often generate additional revenue as well as jobs.

Current technologies that prevent pollution face similar obstacles. Often industries do not have the know-how, experience, or resources to meet governmental environmental standards much to their and the environment's demise. Support of environmental educational and loan programs can help business curb much pollution and waste while providing for a productive future.